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Multilayer Optimized Uniform Nanomachined Diffractive (MOUND) Solar Wrap

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Project Description

Multilayer Optimized Uniform Nanomachined Diffractive (MOUND) Solar Wrap
This work develops a novel, rollable, mass fabricable, low-concentration photovoltaic sheets for Cubesats providing them with efficient photoelectric conversion of direct and secondary diffuse light. The wrap consists of three thin (of order a millimeter or less), cheap plastic-sheet layers which concentrate (10x) on silicon strips. Innovation: Although CPV has been used for small satellites including, they require precise tracking and active thermal management systems. We have built a CPV system that mitigates this completely leveraging non-imaging optics and nano-manufacturing techniques. Specifically, our innovations include: · A design for a flat angular response curve which remains flat from normal incidence of over 35 degrees to the normal without tracking · Diffraction Efficiency Modulation (DEM). MOUND shunts IR wavelengths in between cells optimizing cell performance. · Mass-fabricable and Rollable. A master is fabricated enabling mass-replication via roll to roll UV embossing on cheap flexible plastic sheets. Technology can be used in flexible and rollable space applications. More »

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