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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

NIR Detector Signal Chain Development

Completed Technology Project

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Enhancing GSFC NIR Detector Capablities: Guide Mode Software

The  NIR Detector Signal Chain Development project proposes to develop the front end of the signal chain for Near Infrared (NIR) detector systems based on Teledyne's HxRG multiplexers and SIDECAR application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). The development work includes both development of guide-mode software for the ASIC, and development of sample-up-the-ramp processing software for on-board detector non-linearity correction and cosmic-ray rejection.  

The objectives of this proposal are twofold: 1) develop a suite of flight software tools for utilizing the advanced capabilities inherent in the guide-mode features of the present generation of near-infrared detectors, and 2) develop an implementation of sample-up-the-ramp processing for NIR detector readouts that gracefully handles signal saturation and cosmic-ray hits during an exposure.   The objectives of the guide mode software development are to learn how to generate optimal clocking sequences for interleaving rapid readout of multiple guide windows with slower readout of science data from the rest of the detector, and to develop software to implement these sequences in the SIDECAR™ ASIC for use in flight applications.  

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