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Earth Science Technology Office

GEOSS Architecture for Remote Sensing Products for Disaster Management and Risk Assessment

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Define and facilitate implementation of a ‘system of systems’ architecture for disaster mitigation and risk assessment responsive to GEOSS task DI-06-09 on Use of Satellites for Risk Management
Leverage technology in service oriented architectures including sensor webs, web services and automation (e.g. EO-1 SensorWeb and VMOC)
Coordinate with international (e.g. CEOS/WGISS, IC) and national (e.g. USGEO, USGS, NOAA) partners
Prototype key capabilities enabled by the GEOSS architecture to validate and document user and web service interfaces
Demonstrate architecture benefits: reduce latency, produce more useful products on-demand, and reduce costs by reuse

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Primary U.S. Work Locations and Key Partners

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