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Earth Science

Autonomous, On-board Processing for Sensor Systems

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Project Description

Project Image   Autonomous, On-board Processing for Sensor Systems

Fuse high performance reconfigurable processors with emerging fault-tolerance & autonomous processing techniques for a 10-100x decrease in processing time.
This means more science experiments conducted per day & more thorough, timely analysis of captured data.
Addresses the ability to quickly react & adapt processing or mission objectives in real-time, by combining autonomous agents with reconfigurable computing.
Enables Autonomous On-board Processing for Sensor Systems (A-OPSS), via a tool-suite that generates a run-time system for sensor systems to autonomously detect changes in collected data & tune processing in a controlled manner to adapt to unforeseen events.
Decadal Survey Missions: Primary - DESDynl, HyspIRI, GEO-CAPE; Secondary – SMAP, SWOT

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