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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Small Satellite Transporter (SST)

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Scientists in the small satellite community have growing interest in using groups of small satellites to achieve a variety of mission of objectives.  These mission concepts are becoming more complex by considering destinations beyond the delivery orbit such as deep space and plane changes in LEO.  This project looks to further investigate the design of a unique payload adapter based small satellite transporter (SST) that will be able to take multiple small satellites to such destinations.

The primary objective is to determine whether this small satellite transporter is capable of transporting at least four 6U CubeSats is possible for a given set of mission scenarios.  The effort will include:

  • Defining a mission trade space for both LEO and deep space missions
  • Developing flight dynamics options and delta-v estimates for the set of chosen mission scenarios
  • Conducting propulsion system trades with respect to propellant options, propulsion tanks, thruster types, etc. for each of the chosen mission scenarios
  • Performing mechanical systems trades to investigate structural configurations with respect to the propulsion system results that  would include a number of mass saving approaches
  • Determining mission possibilities for the SST
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