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Graphene Field Effect Transistors for Radiation Detection

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Graphene FET Radiation Sensor
This is propose to develop Graphene Field Effect Transistor based Radiation Sensors (GFET-RS) for NASA Manned Spaceflight Missions anticipated in next several decades. The device consists of a graphene piece deposited on a Si substrate with certain thickness of insulation layer. In our initial experiment, constant radiation was applied above the GFET and device conductance was measured before and after the radiation. We observed an increase of the device mobility (transconductance) after the radiation. This demonstration showed that graphene is radiation hard and its conductance changes with radiation. With the IRAD fund, we will continue exploring sensing mechanisms in GFETs and identify optimal absorber substrates and device geometries to improve radiation detection speed, sensitivity, and energy resolution of our GFET-RS devices. More »

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