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Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit for Space Habitation and Exploration (V2Suit)

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Project Introduction

The "Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit (V2Suit) for Space Habitation and Exploration" is a visionary system concept that will revolutionize space missions by providing a platform for integrating sensors and actuators with daily astronaut intravehicular activities, and testing the interactions between countermeasures to improve human health and adaptation countermeasures. The V2Suit uses control moment gyroscopes within a miniaturized module placed on the major segments of the body to provide a "viscous resistance" during movements – a countermeasure to the sensorimotor and musculoskeletal adaptation performance decrements that manifest themselves while living and working in microgravity, and during gravitational transitions during long-duration spaceflight, including post-flight recovery and rehabilitation. Effective countermeasures to this de-conditioning and the unique sensorimotor characteristics associated with living and working in 0-G are critical for future space missions. This proposed project is a follow-on to the current NIAC Phase I V2Suit, which is exploring the concept and maturing the technology through proof-of-concept simulation and limited hardware-in-the-loop testing. A technology readiness level of 2 is expected at the end of Phase I, and through further Phase II study and brassboard unit development the technology readiness level is estimated to be an early 4. This proposed Phase II project has four integrated aims for further development of the concept studied in the Phase I award, assessing the V2Suit in a mission context, and assessing the programmatic benefits – all contributing to a technology development roadmap for operational demonstration. (This is a project within the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, NIAC, program.) More »

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