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Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer (CPST)

Canceled Technology Project

Project Introduction

Space Flight Demonstration development has been canceled in favor of a ground test bed development for of passive/active cryogenic propellant storage, transfer, and gauging systems in space for infusion into future extended in-space missions.

The Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer project will demonstrate the capability to safely and efficiently store, transfer and measure cryogenic propellants, including liquefied and super-cooled fuels and oxidizers. These advances will lead to development of next-generation space transportation systems capable of managing large propellant volumes over long time periods necessary for deep space travel.  NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate is a primary customer and new opportunities will follow for the agency's industry partners.   CPST: Key Mission Facts - The Cryogenic Propellant Storage & Transfer mission will demonstrate technologies required for the development of in-space cryogenic systems to support exploration beyond low-Earth orbit. - The mission will support multiple human architecture elements - It is designed to demonstrate long-duration, storage and transfer of cryogenic propellants. - It will demonstrate an accurate and reliable gauging system for tracking stored propellant.

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