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Center Innovation Fund: GRC CIF

Energy Harvesting to Power a Compact Plasma Actuator for Aerospace and Laboratory Applications

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Project Introduction

Proof of concept plasma actuator powered by a thermoelectric generator for self-powered, on-board actuation.

The innovation will allow waste heat to be harvested for use on aircraft jet engines, hypersonic vehicles, automobiles and other areas where waste heat is available. It will also provide a portable solution for laboratories that require a small power supply. The compact power supply can also be used on Mars and other planets to use solar energy to power plasma actuators for dust removal or for thrust corrections. 1. Combining Thermoelectric cells with plasma generation for self powered system proof of concept. 2. Optimization of the high-voltage generator towards a higher efficiency and its compacter size. 3. Addition of load current measurement circuitry for characterization and analysis of D.B.D. devices including power measurement. 4. Creation of compact circuit to power a plasma actuator using a thermoelectric generator (that can also be powered using solar cells.)

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