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Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV)

Canceled Technology Project

Project Description

Project Image   Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV)

Develop a manned vehicle allowing brief sorties to items of interest during multiple types of exploration missions. The vehicle consists of a core cabin that is optimized for observations, has a robotics platform, and quick access EVA through the use of suitports. Core cabin can be utilized with chassis as planetary rover, or in space with RCS sled.

The  Multi-­-Mission  Space  Exploration  Vehicle  (MMSEV)  consists  of  a  core  cabin  with  suit  ports   that  is  optimized  for  exploration  observations,  low  overhead  EVA  and  Robotics  support,  low   volume  habitation,  and  Solar  Particle  Event  (SPE)  radiation  protection.  The  cabin  can  be   configured  with  modular  mobility  systems,  and  modular  forward  and  aft  mounted  work   packages  to  address  multiple  mission  destinations  and  applications.    This  Advanced  Exploration   Systems  (AES)  project  covers  the  MMSEV  cabin,  MMSEV  mobility  systems  (in-­-space  and   planetary  mobility  modules)  and  Portable  Utility  Pallet  (PUP).    The  suit  port  and  suit  port   compatible  exploration  suits  are  included  in  the  AES  EVA  Suit  Port  and  AES  EVA  Suit  projects,   respectively.    Development  and  testing  of  MMSEV-­-specific  ECLSS  components,  specifically  the   fusible  heat  sink,  is  included  in  this  plan  but  collaboration  with  the  AES  Life  Support  Systems   project  will  enable  bench  testing  of  other  components  of  the  MMSEV  Environmental  Control   and  Life  Support  System  (ECLSS)  that  are  not  unique  to  the  MMSEV.    Manipulator  work   packages  will  be  provided  through  the  Office  of  the  Chief  Technologist  (OCT)  Human  Robotic   Systems  program.    These  related  projects  will  use  the  MMSEV  as  the  focusing  element  and  an   overall  integrated  work  breakdown  structure  will  be  created  by  the  MMSEV  project  that includes all of the MMSV's systems.

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