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Center Innovation Fund: JPL CIF

MEMS Shutter for Spectrometer Calibration Project

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Project Image   MEMS Shutter for Spectrometer Calibration
Dark field subtraction is a significant problem for all spaceborne spectrometer systems. An in-situ spectrometer relying on sunlight must either wait for night to collect dark frames, or must include a bulky mechanical shutter. To avoid bulky and power-hungry shutters, we propose to develop a MEMS shutter that is expected to have 2-3 g mass and consume We shall develop a MEMS shutter that is expected to have 2-3 g mass and consumeThis research will demonstrate fabrication of a low mass (~2-3 grams), low power (<1 milliWatts), MEMS shutter. This technology will enable new in-situ and remote sensing imaging spectrometer instruments that were previously not feasible due to the mass, power, and reliability issues related to mechanical shutters or the calibration challenges posed by instruments without active dark frame measurement capability. More »

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