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Center Innovation Fund: GSFC CIF

Graphene-GaN Schottky Photodiodes

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Project Introduction

Graphene-GaN Schottky Photodiodes is the development of the world's first graphene-based GaN Schottky device that has the potential to achieve a much greater total quantum efficiency in UV. The objective of this project is to characterize the Schottky barrier height for graphene and the total quantum efficiency (QE) of the graphene-GaN Schottky diodes.

Integration of graphene as the top metal on GaN Schottky. This will replace platinum, which is 50% transparent at the desired wavelength, with graphene, which has higher mobility and much higher transparency (>90%). Develop a fabrication process for GaN Schottky and a chemical vapor deposition process for large area graphene. Develop a process to cleanly integrate single or multilayer graphene on GaN devices and pattern them. Develop a characterization scheme to determine the Schottky barrier height of graphene and device QE.

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