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Portable Intravenous Fluid Production Device for Ground Use Project

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Portable Intravenous Fluid Production Device for Ground Use Project
There are several medical conditions require the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids, but limitations of mass, volume, shelf-life, transportation, and local resources can restrict the availability of these important fluids. Such limitations are expected in long-duration space exploration missions and in remote or austere places on Earth. Furthermore, current IV fluid production requires large factory-based processes. This device is easy to use, portable, and has the ability for onsite production of IV fluids that would eliminate these limitations. This design uses regular drinking water that is pumped through two filters to produce, in minutes, sterile, ultrapure water that meets the stringent quality standards of the United States Pharmacopeia for Water for Injection (Total Bacteria, Conductivity, Endotoxins, Total Organic Carbon). The device is 2.2 lbs (1kg) and 10L x 5W x 3H inches (25L x 13W x 7.5H cm) in its storage configuration. This handheld device produces one liter of medical-grade water in 21 minutes. Total production capacity for this innovation is expected to be in the hundreds of liters. The device contains one battery powered electric mini-pump. Alternatively, a manually powered pump can be attached and used. Drinking water enters the device from a source water bag, flows through two filters, and final sterile production water exits into a sealed, medical-grade collection bag. The collection bag contains pre-placed crystalline salts to mix with product water to form isotonic intravenous medical solutions. Alternatively, a hypertonic salt solution can be injected into a filled bag. The filled collection bag is detached from the device and is ready for use or storage. The entire system can then be flushed, sealed, and radiation-sterilized. More »

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