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Earth Science

Fabry-Perot for the Integrated Direct Detection Lidar (FIDDL)

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Project Description

Project Image   Fabry-Perot for the Integrated Direct Detection Lidar (FIDDL)

Develop an etalon front end receiver (FIDDL) and combine it with the Optical Autocovariance Wind Lidar (OAWL) for an integrated direct detection (IDD) wind lidar.
Demonstrate the IDD hybrid system measuring winds from both molecular and aerosol returns using a single lidar.
The hybrid system will significantly reduce the size and cost of a 3D Winds mission (on the order of 20-30% based on aperture size) compared to the current hybrid 2-laser approach.
Performance goals are < 1 m/s wind estimate precision for the etalon sub-system.

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