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Innovative Solid State Lighting Replacements for Industrial and Test Facility Locations

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Innovative Solid State Lighting Replacements for Industrial and Test Facility Locations
The proposed innovation is the replacement of existing test stand and parking lot fixtures with current SSL LED technology. The replacement fixtures will reduce energy consumption, generate less heat and provide maintenance free operation for over 50,000 hours. An explosion-proof fixture is capable of containing an internal combustion event without allowing flames or hot gasses to escape to the surrounding environment. The lighting fixture defined is an explosion-proof fixture for use in hazardous hydrogen/oxygen atmospheres. Current fixtures contain a 110 Watt reflectored incandescent lamp. SSL sources are remarkably efficient compared to incandescent sources. The 110 Watt lamp in existing explosion-proof fixtures will be replaced by an SSL fixture requiring only around 29 Watts for the equivalent lighting output. The proposed Energy Focus solution will be an efficient, solid-state, explosion-proof fixture for use in hydrogen/oxygen atmospheres which is compatible with current systems and provides the required lighting distribution. It will do this through advanced thermal and electrical power management to ensure long fixture life More »

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