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Extremely High Suction Performance Inducers for Space Propulsion

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Extremely High Suction Performance Inducers for Space Propulsion
Advanced pump inducer design technology that uses high inlet diffusion blades, operates at a very low flow coefficient, and employs a cavitation control and stability device. A preliminary scoping inducer test with this technology indicated a doubling of the suction specific speed capability over current inducers. A three to four fold increase over current technology is the goal of this research effort. This increase would significantly enhance the capability of rocket engine systems through increased thrust-to-weight, specific impulse, simplicity, operational safety, and turbopump life. It would also reduce turbopump and propellant tank weight and system costs by eliminating boost pump systems and allowing for thinner lower pressure tank walls. Ultimately, the technology opens up the rocket engine/vehicle design space and allows for a large increase in vehicle performance by significantly moving the pump suction performance constraint from its current position. More »

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