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Engineered Multifunction Surfaces for Fluid Handling, Phase II

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Project Description

Engineered Multifunction Surfaces for Fluid Handling, Phase II
ORBITEC will investigate new nanocoating and other engineered surfaces and apply them to passive control of humidity within confined spaces while minimizing power, size and mass requirements. The innovations include: (1) the ability to scale the devices for early Exploration applications including existing environmental control systems, space suits, CEVs, Rovers, Small/Transit/Large Habitats, (2) the use of multiple nanocoatings and capillary channels, and (3) unique Cold Plasma Processes. The primary goals are to further develop capillary channels, hydrophilic and biocidal nanocoatings, and Cold Plasma Nanocoating Process Technology into a new, advanced Condensing Heat Exchanger with no moving parts or particulate coatings. Anticipated results include: (1) requirements and applications for the Exploration Mission, (2) testing of additional substrate materials for plasma deposition of hydrophilic and biocidal nanocoatings applicable to the many controlled environments required for the Exploration Mission, (3) evaluation and testing of new and existing methods for creating capillary channels in various substrate materials, (4) long duration testing and evaluation of nanocoatings on various substrates, (5) design and test of modular, scaleable condensing heat exchangers, and (6) development of a high fidelity Distributed Humidity Control System (DHCS) prototype. More »

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