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With Great Reports Come Great Exports
Many reports can be viewed by number of projects, percent of projects, or investment by fiscal year.
Each report can be filtered to display data in a variety of formats such as column, pie, and bar charts.
Each report can be exported as PDF documents or PNG images, or as Excel files if you wish to view and manipulate the data in a tabular format.
Reports Pie Chart Reports Pie Chart Reports Pie Chart
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Reports Column Chart
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Take control of your reports

To refine your search results, and the reports they generate, click "Search Options", next to the search bar at the top of every TechPort page. There are eleven different filters that will help you tailor your search results and reports for the data you need.

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Words and Phrases

The Words and Phrases filter provides you with three options to narrow down your results: items containing all search terms, items containing any of the search terms, and items containing the exact phrase.


Search for active, canceled, completed, or planned projects.

Active Date

Narrow your search results to a specific date range based on project start and end dates. For example, this can be used to identify projects active during the current year, prior years, or between any two dates.

Technology Area

Search for technologies using the hierarchical breakdown structure from the NASA Technology Taxonomy. It includes high-level categories such as robotics, in situ resource utilization, propulsion, and energy storage.

Technology Maturity

The Technology Maturity filter allows you to search for technologies with a specific maturity level or maturity range, and is based on the 1-9 NASA Technology Readiness Level scale.

Target Destinations

Some technologies feed foundational knowledge while others are destined for a particular mission target such as the Moon, Mars, or outside the solar system.

Mission Directorates and Offices

The Mission Directorates and Offices filter narrows results to projects that are being developed by a particular NASA organization.

NASA Centers and Facilities

The NASA Centers and Facilities filter allows you to choose one or more Centers / Facilities serving as the lead or supporting organization for the technology development.


The Programs filter narrows results to projects that are being developed as part of a particular NASA program.

Locations Where Work is Performed

Search for technologies where work is being conducted in a particular U.S. state or territory.

TechPort ID

The TechPort ID filter allows you to search for the specific project for which you already know the unique TechPort identifier number.