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ViFiLite, Phase I

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Project Introduction

ViFiLite, Phase I
ViFiLite is a wireless infrastructure that utilizes the advantages of a V-band technology in supporting data gathering for structural health monitoring as well as supporting high throughput local area wireless communication for NASA applications. This system provides: non-line-of-sight operation, wireline level reliability for the link, high node density, high throughput links, low delay data/signal, susceptibility to jamming, safe operation near ordnance/fuel for some operations, and compatibility with avionics data bus infrastructure. Our technology incorporates different techniques to utilize the 60GHz band based on the application scenarios to virtually eliminates non-LOS issues in the operating environment. The development of the proposed technology will allow for replacement of the wires for signal data and video communication onboard a spacecraft/space-vehicle platform and reducing risks resulting from the weight, the cost and the time of qualifying the wire-based architecture and the inflexibility of wired connections. More »

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