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Space Communications and Navigation Program

The Deep Space Positioning System-Navigator (DPS-Navigator)

Active Technology Project

Project Introduction

DPS-Navigator is a self-contained autonomous navigation hardware and software system that will enable deep-space spacecraft to navigate autonomously, without input from Earth.  DPS-Navigator takes and utilizes pictures of landmarks on celestial bodies, natural or artificial satellites of planets, planets and asteroids, and stars to determine position and attitude within the solar system.  The main objective of the DPS-Navigator project is to demonstrate that the component elements (hardware and software) of DPS-Navigator are at or near TRL 6 and to develop a comprehensive cost and development plan to achieve TRL 7-8 flight readiness in a Technology Demonstration Mission (or other technology infusion venue).

The project will deliver two flight-ready form-fit-and-function DPS-Navigator units at the end of FY22.  The project PDR will be in September of 2020, the CDR will be in September of 2021 and the ORR will be in September of 2022.

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