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Micro-Avionics Multi-Purpose Platform (MicroAMPP)

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Micro-Avionics Multi-Purpose Platform (MicroAMPP)

The Micro-Avionics Multi-Purpose Platform (MicroAMPP) is a common avionics architecture supporting microsatellites, launch vehicles, and upper-stage carrier platforms. The focus of this effort is to leverage current microsatellite avionics development to implement lessons learned from the Phase I and Phase II NLV Avionics SBIR, along with several commercial deliveries. MicroAMPP is configurable with different sensors and actuators to support the particular application, allowing developers to fine tune performance vs mass, volume, power, and cost. Use of a common platform allows increased production capabilities, with a focus on automated testing for requirements verification. Tyvek will build upon its hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) capabilities developed for complex rendezvous and docking of nanosatellites to create a real-time system capable of simulating launch scenarios, complete with GPS Metric Tracking and support for automated termination systems. This HITL platform is a critical ground tool for any real-world launch vehicle development. Another key deliverable of this effort are test flights towards the certification of a GPS Metric Tracking stand-alone module utilizing the MicroAMPP platform. The reusability of common hardware and software across satellite, launch vehicle, and carrier deployer applications maximizes heritage, allows greater code re-use, and provides a broader return on investment.

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