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Center Innovation Fund: GRC CIF

Integrated Low Temperature CO2 and H2O Electrolysis

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Integrated Low Temperature CO2 and H2O Electrolysis
Integrating the packaging of both the electrolysis of water and electrolysis of carbon dioxide into a compact dual electrolyzer package would be a highly useful and versatile product. Both of these electrolyzers could be started and run independently of each other, operate at mild temperature conditions, and quickly and repeatedly started and stopped. Because of the mild operating conditions, these electrolyzers should be capable of operating the thousands of hours needed for either a Lunar or Mars mission. The production of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and oxygen from water and carbon dioxide will be essential to astronauts for the exploration of the moon and particularly Mars. Hydrogen and carbon monoxide can be used as fuels, as reducing agents to extract oxygen regolith metal oxides, and as precursors to the production of methane, other alkanes, methanol, and other alcohols. The goal is to design, build, and test a dual water and carbon dioxide electrolyzers that are packaged together in a single compact, lightweight integrated package. More »

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