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Center Innovation Fund: GSFC CIF

Earth Mesosphere Temperature Measurements via Sodium Lidar

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Earth Mesosphere Temperature Measurements via Sodium Lidar
This CIF effort is part of a larger research program. It addresses the front-end, lower TRL development of what will become the first ever spaceborn, Na laser spectroscopic instrument. The core of the CIF effort, nonlinear wavelength conversion and tuning a space-quality laser from its fundamental frequency of 1066nm to the Na absorption frequency of 589 nm, is a highly innovative development and necessary for the proposed application. Clearly additional work is needed to develop a space qualifiable laser spectrometer, such as power scaling and OM packaging, which will be addressed by related research efforts, including IRAD and possible ROSES and/or Heliophysics Solar Terrestrial Probe opportunities. The instrumentation under this research effort will serve as the core for the planning of a spaceborne LIDAR to measure the mesospheric Na layer. More »

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