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Perovskite-based Photovoltaics: A New Pathway to Ultra- Low-Cost Space Power

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Perovskite-based Photovoltaics: A New Pathway to Ultra- Low-Cost Space Power
We will determine if the lifetime performance of new perovskite-based solar cells can be engineered for long-term performance for space applications. We will utilize cutting-edge designs for long lifetime, engineer our own samples, and characterize performance throughout standardized lifetime testing appropriate for space technology. Thin film solar cells have long held promise as enabling technology for flexible arrays and radiation hardness. The meteoric efficiency rise (reaching 22%1) for new solar cells in the “perovskite” structure family – from now on referred to simply as perovskites2 – represent an exceedingly attractive option for potential space applications. We envision this technology to enable the ubiquity of low-cost smallsats and CubeSats that can be utilized for power-hungry, high fidelity experiments and measurements. Mass production and automated assembly of these systems helps bring down cost and standardizes launch requirements. Additional applications include autonomous, roll-out solar arrays for extra-terrestrial surface deployments. In these two visions the current state of the art is disrupted by the thin, flexibility of perovskites, their ease of fabrication and high efficiency. The goal is to transfer the perovskite solar cells from research laboratory curiosity to potential game-changing, space qualified technology. More »

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