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Center Innovation Fund: MSFC CIF

3D Printed Electroluminescent Light Panels - FY17

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3D Printed Electroluminescent Light Panels - FY17
Task 1: Construct EL devices using both commercially available inks and MSFC developed inks starting with screen-printing methods as a baseline Task 2: Quantitatively compare the devices and measure the improvements (if any) that are gained by using MSFC nano-materials over commercial materials Task 3: Convert best inks from thick film (used for screen printing) to thin film (suitable for aerosol-jet printing)Task 4: Develop a particle-free Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) ink to allow for the printing of transparent, conductive electrodes using [1]Task 5: Switch from a “front to back” method printing on a conductive-coated plastic sheet (conventional method) to a “back to front” method using the ITO ink as the front electrode/window Year 1 Deliverables: Aerosol-Jet printed EL device printed using “back to front” method. More »

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