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Ultra low noise compact high performance IMU, Phase I

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Project Introduction

We propose a new approach for to the design and fabrication of miniaturized Interferometric Fiber Optical Gyroscope (FOG) that enables the production of smaller IRU and IMU with substantially reduced noise (ARW) and better bias performance. The gyro noise is reduced by a factor of at least 4 to 6 by utilizing an innovative approach for the light source noise reduction. In addition the sensor is using a new fiber combined with innovative coil design that results in lower bias drift and up to tenfold reduction of the bias temperature sensitivity compared to the existing FOG products as well as additional x 2 reduction of the ARW. The combination of these attributes supports a smaller, lower cost, high performance and robust IMUs that can serve future NASA mission needs; a 33 cube inch IMU (LN200 size) is expected to deliver Navigational grade performance, with ARW of 0.001 deg/rt-hr and bias residual over temperature of 0.02 deg/hr, while a larger FOG is expected to enable ARW of 0.0002 deg/rt/hr with 0.005 deg/hr bias and IMU volume < 70 cube inch. We also present innovative concept for a miniaturized tactical IMU based on the above technology (< 1 deg/hr bias over temperature and 0.02 deg/rt-hr ARW) with a volume as small as 5 cube inch. More »

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