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Ultra-High Energy Density, High Power and High Efficiency Nanocomposite Capacitor for Aerospace Power System, Phase I

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Project Introduction

NASA requires high energy density, high voltage, high power and high efficiency capacitor that can be integrated into the system to decrease the mass and space at the system architecture level and increase the efficiency. The current state-of-the-art of the capacitor has low energy, low power density and low energy storage efficiency, making them bulky and costly for the applied system. For the NASA application, in order to maintain the energy or power system work property, onboard cooling systems has been installed, which in turn increase the mass and space. Therefore, it is important to develop improved capacitors in energy density, speed, efficiency to minimize the size and mass of future powr system. In this proposal, Powdermet proposed to develop another type advanced nanocomposite capacitor with ultra-high energy density, high voltage, high power and high energy storage efficiency. This novel capacitor will feature ultra-high energy density (>40 J/cc), high operating voltage (>kilovolt), high powder density (> MW/cc), especially high energy storage efficiency (>95%). More »

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