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Row Column Phased Array Architecture for Low Cost, Low Profile Millimeter Wave Phased Array Antennas, Phase I

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There is high demand for electronically steered antennas particularly at millimeter wavelengths. However, the cost to develop and procure this type of antenna prohibits this technology from widespread use. The proposed innovation substantially reduces the control complexity of phased arrays by reducing the control set from MxN phase controls to M+N phase controls where M and N represent the number of rows and columns in the phased array. By reducing the control complexity, not only are the phased array devices simplified, but the control distribution network is substantially reduced. This simplification ripples across the entire phased array to improve physical integration and thermal management which often cost as much as the phased array components. This is particularly important for high frequency antennas where unit cell sizes become a significant impediment to system implementation. Another limitation in state of the art phased arrays are the conventional planar radiators that are easily integrated. A three-dimensional radiator and manufacturing technology is baselined to enhance the bandwidth and performance of millimeter wave phased array antennas. This combination enables significant opportunities to support multifunction operation. More »

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