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Reversible adhesion concept for in-space assembly, Phase I

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We will develop a conveniently reconfigurable joining approach to connect highly scalable multifunctional architectures with fiber-reinforced polymer composite links. A reversible solid-state bonding mechanism is enabled intrinsically by novel high-performance polymer resin, for which only physical contact and application of heat is required. The attachment scheme is amenable to automated robotic assembly along with minimized mass usage and power consumption. The ITR bonding is a fully reversible and solid-state process, which eliminates approaches that rely on uncured polymer or a meltable interstitial phase. Also, the ITR ensures physical integrity of joint members of the structure and the reversible adhesive within the range of temperatures experienced during day/night cycles in space. The reversible ITR bonding scheme is the first viable composite welding scheme for fully cured thermoset composites. In Phase I, we will demonstrate technical feasibility of the reversible solid-state ITR bonding approach on fully dense neat ATSP resin parts, carbon fiber reinforced ATSP resin composites (ATSP/C), and ATSP coated aerospace grade metal substrates through a wide spectrum of applications. Also, we will develop thermal-electrical-mechanical finite element analysis models for optimized composite design with tailorable physical properties. Additionally, we will design an electromechanically controlled automated induction heater integrated bonding toolkit device through further automated robotic assembly. More »

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