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Multifunctional Self-Aligning Reversible Joint using Space-Qualifiable Structural Fasteners, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) proposes the development of a multifunctional reversible attachment scheme to facilitate modular in-space construction. CRG will demonstrate a mechanically robust, easily reversible, self-aligning fastener system with integrated electrical connections. The proposed approach can be expanded to later include other types of integrated connections. Examples of other connectors could incorporate fluid flow or thermal load transfer. This state-of-the-art fastener system built on space-qualifiable thermoset shape memory polymer fasteners will be capable of >50 times assembly and disassembly using electrical power and embedded heaters providing NASA with a modular capability that can be used with autonomous assembly systems. Leveraging CRG's prior development work on shape memory polymer fastener systems, the proposed R&D herein will provide NASA with a multifunctional reversible attachment system with technology readiness level (TRL) of 3 at the conclusion of the Phase I effort. More »

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