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Liquid Interface Diffusion Bonding of FPS Heat Pipes to Core, Phase II

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A key challenge to producing 10kWe Fission Power Systems (FPS) is embedding and joining heat pipes internally to the U-7Mo core. A successful Phase I effort has demonstrated the feasibility of applying the technology of Liquid Interface Diffusion (LID) Bonding to embed and join heat pipes (Haynes 230) to the core. An added bonus is that this LID Bonding technology will simultaneously eliminate the seams and voids created from a core made from pieces of U-7Mo thereby providing an integrated heat pipe / U-7Mo core sub-assembly with no internal voids or separations between core pieces or from the core to the heat pipes. LID Bonding will even allow for the core to be built up by various horizontal and asymmetric pieces such as split heat pipe channels to easily receive heat pipes, consolidating the core material around the heat pipes during the LID Bonding process. Phase II will allow NASA to produce FPS up to 10 kWe and beyond to meet the power requirements for landing astronauts on Mars, and also to provide power to a host of other programs, including programs such as Neptune Systems Explorer, Kuiper Belt Optic, Trojan Tour, and Jupiter Europa Orbiter. More »

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