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Cryomechanical preconcentration system for trace gas analysis, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Advanced cryogenic cooling systems are required to enable high-precision measurements of trace atmospheric gases and isotopes present at very low concentrations in order to evaluate anthropogenic impacts on climate and stratospheric ozone and to assess compliance with international regulations. This SBIR Phase I project will develop a robust cryogen-free preconcentrator based on a Stirling cryocooler and a novel sample trap design. A high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer will be coupled with gas chromatographic separation for selective and sensitive detection of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. Data acquisition and analysis software will be developed to allow for automated operation of the instrument and data archiving. Combining these three elements will provide a new system capable of rapid automated analysis for field and laboratory measurements. In addition to these applications, the preconcentrator will be useful for enhancing the sensitivity of optical-based isotopic measurements for greenhouse gases. More »

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