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A Software Tool for High-Order Element Mesh Generation, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Various attempts to advance high-order mesh generation technology have been made in recent years, however an integrated solution capable of robustly creating optimal curved element meshes in 3D still does not exist. In this SBIR project, CFDRC will develop a software tool for the generation of meshes formed by high-order elements. Our approach consists of (a) linear mesh generation and import, (b) reconstruction of curved boundary using NURBS and Bézier surfaces and optimal high-order nodal distribution; (c) volumetric deformation using elasticity analogy with imposed boundary displacement on curved part of the boundary; and (d) export and display capability of final mesh. Phase I will develop an advanced NURBS fitting procedure and Bézier surface method for retaining boundary geometry and will demonstrate the solution of both linear and nonlinear elasticity analogy to accommodate curved elements and retain high quality for both orthogonal and stretched linear meshes. The resultant improved accuracy will be demonstrated using two high-order CFD codes, including FUN3D with high-order scheme implemented by CFDRC, and a high-order Discontinuous Galerkin code. Phase II will fully develop the software and bridge the gap between linear mesh generation and high-order CFD predictions for complex configurations. Parallel algorithms will be implemented to enable execution on NASA HPC clusters. Phase II will also increase the TRL by integrating with high-order CFD codes for demonstration on large scale applications. More »

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