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Advanced Li batteries for terrestrial balloons, Phase I

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Project Introduction

For future advanced terrestrial balloon missions, NASA requires energy dense and power dense energy storage solutions significantly exceeding the performance of state of art Li ion batteries. The requirements for a typical 100 day mission are for a 28V system capable of providing wide power demand of 100 W minimum to 2 kW peak. Lynntech proposes to design a battery system with energy density in excess of 400 Wh/kg and power density in excess of 1,000 W/kg for the terrestrial balloon application, based on its advanced Li ion or Li-S battery technologies. The Phase I project will involve further improvements of Lynntech's battery technologies for improving the energy density and power density numbers followed by selection and optimization of the most promising option among these two technologies. A 2 kWh scale battery prototype design will be developed at the end of the Phase I project that can provide the target energy and power density as well as cycling stability for the terrestrial balloon application. The Phase II project will work on fabrication and demonstration of the battery technology at relevant scale. More »

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