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Precision Formation Alignment Navigation System (pFANtASY)

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Project Introduction

The Precision Formation Alignment Navigation System, or pFANtASY, is an integrated guidance and navigation subsystem for the acquisition and fine alignment of a dual spacecraft distributed science instrument mission. pFANtASY will acquire another spacecraft at up to 100m distance at 18 m down to 5-micron accuracy. This is achieved by a staggered set of instruments used for sensing illuminated spots on the target spacecraft. Initial acquisition is achieved with a camera-based acquisition mode that senses a set of illuminated beacons to 18m to 1 cm accuracy. Then a precise centration system comprised of a laser optic and quad-cell detector to sense relative position from 2 cm down to 20 micron accuracy. These sensor signals are ingested into navigation software to eliminate noise and produce the <5micron 3-sigma accuracy required. The components currently selected take an estimated 3 kg mass, 10 W power, and 4U volume but can be scaled to meet the needs of larger spacecraft.

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