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Center Independent Research & Development: JPL IRAD

Small, Capable, Readily-Replicable Payloads for Remote Sensing of Volatiles

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Project Introduction

Development of a small, scientifically capable, readily-replicable IR point spectrometer, miniaturizing by several factors a crucial (and proven) technique to enable to assay of volatiles from small satellites.

Develop an IR point spectrometer able to measure 2.0-4.0 µm (SWIR) and 5.5-12 µm (MIR) reflectance and emission from a 0.05 albedo asteroid with an IFOV of ≤5mrad and with SNR sufficient to detect 1% MIR band depths due to OH/H2O at 10 nm spectral resolution and distinguish absorptions related to Si-O vibrations that distinguish key classes of asteroids and the extent of aqueous alteration. The volume is not to exceed 2U and the target rebuild cost of the payload element (for a cubesat-class implementation; scalable to higher class if desired) is not to exceed $200k.

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