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Center Independent Research & Development: JPL IRAD

Fast Optimal Motion Planning (FMP)

Active Technology Project

Project Introduction

Computationally-efficient, fast and real-time, and provably-optimal motion planner for systems with highly nonlinear dynamics that can be extended for cooperative path-planning of a large number of spacecraft in close proximity operation.

This effort will deliver a motion planning technology that is: 1) Fast & real-time: Allows reaction to environmental changes by re-planning fast and frequently; 2) Computationally efficient: Allows deployment on small spacecraft and resource constraint platforms; 3) Optimal (e.g. fuel, time): Allows resource limited missions even for highly nonlinear systems; 4) Capable of handling highly nonlinear dynamics, e.g. spacecraft with J2 effects, planetary helicopters; 5) Cooperative: Coordinated planning allows movement of many spacecraft in close proximity.

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