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MoSi SNSPDs with reduced cryogenic requirements

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MoSi SNSPDs with reduced cryogenic requirements
WSi SNSPDs are the highest-performing single photon detectors available in the infrared, but have a 1K operating temperature. Such detectors are currently baselined for future optical communication ground terminals. MoSi is another amorphous superconductor, but with a 7K bulk operating temperature. In preliminary experiments conducted at NIST Boulder & U. Geneva, MoSi SNSPDs have demonstrated comparable detection efficiency, timing jitter, and device yield to WSi SNSPDs, but at higher operating temperature. Objectives: Design, fabricate and test MoSi SNSPD arrays for time-correlated single photon counting at 3K operating temperatures; Fabricate devices in MDL; Test devices in SNSPD test lab More »

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