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Small Spacecraft Technology

Solid State Inflation Balloon Active Deorbiter

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Solid State Inflation Balloon Active Deorbiter
The Solid State Inflation Balloon (SSIB) is a simple, reliable, low-cost, non-propulsive system for deliberate deorbit and control of downrange point-of-impact that is compatible with a full range of smallsats from 1kg to 180kg in mass, and includes built-in redundancy for enhanced reliability and safety. The gas generator contains a MEMS Solid-State Gas Generator chip and scalable array of microwells with precisely filled quantities of sodium azide. Integrated heaters decompose this into nitrogen gas to inflate a metalized polyimide balloon, allowing interactions with solar radiation pressure and the upper atmosphere to provide deorbiting drag. The total mass of the SSGG is expected to be ~10 grams, while the power consumption of the heater is ~10mW (for sequential operations of one well at a time). More »

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