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Airfoil Controlled Glide and Directional Control, Phase I

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There is a growing desire for recovery systems that provide extended cross range capability and are steerable to enable precision landing of payloads. Using a recovery system that enables landings to specific coordinates can dramatically reduce suborbital flight recovery costs, future space return flight costs in the Earth's atmosphere. It also has potential in the Mars' atmosphere where a lightweight, low volume flight system such as a parafoil can increase the range of motion across the planet with increased lift or reduced drag. A fabric ram air canopy can be dramatically lighter weight than a foldable composite system while still being able to provide long range glide and descent rate control. Wizbe Innovations has developed a unique, lightweight fabric system to control airflow in textile based ram air canopies.Controlling the airflow provides glide and directional control to improve steering, potentially increase lift, and potentially reduce opening shock. Another potential advantage to moving the controls into the canopy is that it reduces field logistics by reducing retrieval to only the parachute canopy. Wizbe's controls are located within the parachute and have no winches, pulleys and wires outside the canopy. More »

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