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Mars Ascent Vehicle Reaction Control System, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

During this Phase I NASA program, Valley Tech Systems (VTS) will develop an innovative solid Reaction Control System (RCS) architecture concept design that can manage pitch, yaw and roll for the MAV as it ascends, completes stage separation, and performs final maneuvers for linking with the carrier satellite. The innovative design will leverage our advanced, long duration, extinguishable and re-ignitable solid propulsion system, coupled with critical Hot Gas Valve and proportional thruster technologies, to provide an optimal solid rocket motor based control system that acts like a liquid solution. Due to the inherent ability of solid propulsive control systems to accommodate cold space environments, the system requires fewer heaters, therefore improving reliability. Moreover, solid control systems have the ability to meet a higher range of thrust with the same thruster set to minimize inert weight and improve vehicle controllability. The Phase I program will conduct top level system trades, design concept layouts, and perform critical technology testing to yield a smooth and clear transition from the Phase I to a Phase II prototype demonstration program. More »

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