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Fiber-based adsorbents tailored for PLSS ammonia and formaldehyde removal, Phase I

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Development of an advanced lightweight Trace Contaminant Control filter will play a critical role in the viability of life support systems for future space and interplanetary missions. Serionix has developed proprietary adsorptive coatings which can be applied to both porous and nonporous substrates to yield functional composite media capable of rapid, efficient, adsorption of trace ammonia and formaldehyde. In preliminary testing, this flexible system has exhibited 7 times higher ammonia capacity relative to conventional phosphoric-impregnated activated carbon. The primary objective of this Phase I effort is to design and demonstrate a lightweight, high performing system for removal of ammonia and formaldehyde from next generation spacecraft and space suits. Systems for both vacuum-swing and single use adsorption will be extensively evaluated. Secondary performance characteristics such as pressure drop, flammability, and gravimetric/volumetric efficiency will be quantified internally while media prototypes will be delivered to NASA for evaluation. Building off of a successful Phase I demonstration, the focus of Phase II will be to optimize the system and prototype components to yield mass and volume savings for NASA life support systems. Parallel goals include demonstration of full-scale manufacturing capability and commercialization into industrial applications. More »

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