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High Temperature Rechargeable Battery Development, Phase I

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High Temperature Rechargeable Battery Development, Phase I
This small business innovation research is intended to develop and proof the concept of a highly efficient, high temperature rechargeable battery for supporting Venus exploration missions. The proposed battery will be built upon a tubular, alkali metal ion-conducting, highly refractor, beta"-alumina-solid-electrolyte (BASE) sandwiched between an alkali metal anode and a metal salt cathode. In Phase I, BASE tubes possessing high strength, highly conductive, and high resistance to moisture and carbon dioxide attack will be fabricated and optimized using a novel coupled-transport process. Upon assembly with suitable electrochemical couples, battery cells will be tested and evaluated in a temperature range from 450ºC to 600ºC, followed by performance optimization. More »

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This is a historic project that was completed before the creation of TechPort on October 1, 2012. Available data has been included. This record may contain less data than currently active projects.