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Nondestructive Evaluation Program

Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Metals for Use in Oxygen Systems

Active Technology Project

Project Introduction

1.     Objectives:

Rigorously study metals produced by AM processes ignition and flammability hazards as compared to wrought metals of the comparable metallurgical composition and heat treatment for use in oxygen systems.


2.     Technical Methodology/Approach:

(1) WSTF Oxygen Group develops and maintains the expertise and facilities to evaluate material flammability and ignition mechanisms in high pressure oxygen environments for the AM materials in question.

(2) Upward flammability testing of materials will be performed to NASA-STD-6001B Test 17 to determine if there is a significant increase in materials flammability in AM metals as compared to wrought metals of the similar chemical composition and heat treatment.

(3) Ignition tests (particle impact, frictional ignition) will be performed to determine any new or differences in AM metals ignitability as compared to wrought metals.

(4) Investigate the AM process from an oxygen compatibility perspective and provide input to the manufacturing and cleaning process of AM components to reduce hazards in the implementation of AM produced components in oxygen systems.

(5) Develop a guide for the use of AM processes in oxygen systems including: determination of build/post-processing parameters and their effects on ignition and flammability for specific AM alloys, recommend good practices for operating AM machines and manufactured parts for use in flight oxygen systems.

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