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NOFB-Aerospike, Phase I

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NOFB-Aerospike, Phase I
We propose the research, development and testing of a clustered aerospike engine to eventually be utilized with our high performance NOFB (nitrous oxide fuel blend) monopropellant and combustion chamber designs (patents pending) for planetary ascent stages. Compared to existing systems, this monopropulsion system concept: 1) achieves bipropellant rocket performance in a compact, monopropellant system architecture; 2) is non-toxic to allow a low cost, extensive engine testing prior to actual flight compared to toxic propellant alternatives; 3) is stable and storable over a very wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions; 4) is <30% of the overall length of an equivalent conventional bell nozzle engine, ~90% of the diameter, and allows high density packaging of mono/bipropellant systems into compact launch configurations reducing propulsion system volume and mass; 5) can be thrust-vectored to remove a separate engine gimbal requirement; and 6) utilizes an atmosphere-compensating nozzle allowing for significant mass savings and consistent performance over a wide range of altitudes. More »

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