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Microfabricated Low-Loss Microwave Switch Integration Technology, Phase I

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Microfabricated Low-Loss Microwave Switch Integration Technology, Phase I
Nuvotronics has developed and optimized the PolyStrataTM process for the fabrication of intricate microwave and millimeter-wave devices. These devices have primarily been rectangular coaxial transmission lines, although rectangular waveguide and other structures have also been demonstrated. Intricate devices have been demonstrated with insertion loss 5 to 10 times lower than traditional planar circuits; isolation better than 60dB for lines that share separating walls; multiple levels of densely-packed coaxial circuits; and low-parasitic attachment to active devices and traditional circuit boards. In this Phase I project, Nuvotronics will deseign microfabricated MEMs-based switches on the Polystrata platform. Nuvotronics will explore whether piezoelectric-based or magnetic-based actuation provides the best performance for millimeter-wave radiometry applications. The devices will have size and cost advantages, higher power handling capability, and lower loss than achievable with the commonly available wafer-based switches of today. More »

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