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New Li Battery Chemistry for Improved Performance, Phase I

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New Li Battery Chemistry for Improved Performance, Phase I
Current state-of-the-art Lithium (Li) or Li-ion systems are unable to meet the performance goals of space-rated rechargeable batteries for many NASA's future robotic and human exploration missions. They either cannot provide sufficient energy and power or have poor cycle or calendar life. TH Chem, Inc. (THC) proposes to develop a new electrochemical system that is fundamentally different from the state-of-the-art, for advanced Li battery applications. Li batteries developed from the new system will show significantly improved battery performance characteristics including energy/power density, cycle/calendar life, cost, and abuse tolerance. The new system is based on development of novel polymeric cathode materials (PCMs) having high-energy functional groups chemically grafted to a robust polymer backbone. In Phase I, THC will prepare the proposed PCMs by functionalization of an inexpensive polymeric starting material. Li cells will be assembled using the PCMs and electrochemically evaluated. The concept of the new electrochemical system will be demonstrated. THC has extensive experience in Li battery chemistries and technologies. More »

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