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Earth Science

Hyperspectral TIR Camera for Geostationary Earth Observation

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Hyperspectral TIR Camera for Geostationary Earth Observation
Determine feasibility and risk attributes of a compact thermal-infrared (TIR) imaging spectrometer for persistent monitoring of outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) emitted by the Earth for enhanced measurements of: radiative/climate impacts of urbanization/urban heat islands, anthropogenic pollution, carbon flux produced by wildfires, and precursor signatures of volcanic and tectonic activity. Performance goals: ≤0.1 K noise-equivalent ?T across the 7-14 ?m band; ~55-nm spectral resolution; 0.28-mrad pixel FOV; SWaP compatible with a smallsat or hosted payload at GEO. Candidate technologies include high-throughput spectrometer; high-performance TIR focal plane array; and low-power microelectronics. More »

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