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Chip-scale Integrated Silica Ring Optical Gyro, Phase I

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The next generation of space systems can benefit greatly by reduced c-SWaP integrated gyroscopes. By using photonic integration, it is possible to fit the entire gyro onto a single chip and inside a package <10 cm3, weighing < 50 g, and consuming <1 W of power. Furthermore, the fabrication of such chip-scale solutions reduces the cost per unit dramatically as ~thousands of optical gyroscopes can be made on each wafer and assembled using mature high-throughput semiconductor technology. Freedom Photonics has developed advanced photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and planar lightwave circuit (PLC) capabilities to realize this device. By leveraging our technology, we can delivery <0.05 deg/hr sensitivity optical gyroscopes with 10x lower weight, volume, and cost. These gyroscopes will have few components, require minimal assemble, and have no moving parts. The highly integrated devices are more resilient to shock and vibration, and can have longer gyroscope lifetimes with fewer component failures. In Phase I of this program, Freedom Photonics will determine the feasibility of meeting space-grade gyroscope specifications with a low c-SWaP solution leveraging our proprietary, commercially deployed photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology. A hardware benchtop demonstration will be included. More »

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