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ACE Booster, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

GTL has been developing three transformational technologies that have the capability to disrupt the traditional launch vehicle paradigm. BHL composite cryotank technology provides a four times improvement over large Al-Li tanks, offering a 6 percentage point improvement in stage PMF. Superior Stability Engine is an innovative liquid rocket engine configured to maximize combustion stability margin while also maximizing engine performance. NORPS is a non-helium gas generator system that can be used to pressurize the propellant tanks for 1/3 the mass and 1/10 the volume of a comparable helium based system. The Advanced Cryogenic Expendable (ACE) Booster design uses these technologies to achieve high performance and low cost in a small vehicle. When implemented in an optimized design, the ACE technologies offer revolutionary performance. In the proposed Phase I effort, GTL will perform a conceptual design study to assess the impact of design constraints on the implementation of the ACE technologies. From this, an optimized design will be developed. A technology roadmap will be created to show how the capabilities can be achieved in the near term. More »

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